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1st Grade History: The Rise of Ancient Empires

Test your knowledge of ancient Empires in this game show activity. In this activity you’ll be tested on ancient pyramids, leaders, religion and laws. Choose a category and answer the questions correctly to earn points. Play against yourself and try to earn a high score, or grab a friend and compete!

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This activity can be found in our 1st Grade History course

This course kicks off a program that, spanning the elementary grades, provides an overview of world geography and history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Through lively stories and activities, students will:

  • Meet nomadic children in ancient Mesopotamia who settle in the Fertile Crescent
  • Explore the great pyramids in ancient Egypt, and meet mighty pharaohs such as King Tut
  • Learn about the historical origins of Judaism through stories of Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David
  • Learn about the origins of democracy in ancient Greece, as well as the first Olympic games, the Trojan War, Alexander the Great, and the marvelous myths of the ancient Greeks
  • Visit ancient India and hear stories of the historical origins of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Travel down great rivers in ancient China, hear the wisdom of Confucius, and witness the building of the Great Wall

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1st Grade History: The Rise of Ancient Empires

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