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1st Grade Science Activity: Spot the Landforms

Travel to High Point Lookout to see all the landforms around you. Try to identify different types of landforms and bodies of water. Once you know what each looks like, head over to our matching game, or go on a nature walk to see how many you can find near your home.

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This course can be found in our 1st Grade Science curriculum.

Course Details:

Students learn to perform experiments and record observations, and understand how scientists see the natural world. They germinate seeds to observe plant growth, and make a weathervane. Students will explore topics such as:

  • Matter—states of matter; mixtures and solutions
  • Weather—cloud formation; the water cycle
  • Animal Classification and Adaptation—insects; amphibians and reptiles; birds; mammals
  • Habitats—forests, deserts, rain forests, grasslands, and more; naturalist John Muir and conservation
  • Oceans—waves and currents; coasts; coral reefs and kelp forests; oceanographer Jacques Cousteau
  • Plants—germination, functions of roots, stems, flowers, chlorophyll, and more
  • Human Body—major systems; Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor
  • Light—how light travels; reflections; inventor Thomas Edison

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1st Grade Science Activity: Spot the Landforms

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