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1st Grade Science Learning Activity: Remember When?

Learn about the life cycle of a tree through photographs.

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This interactive activity is embedded in our First Grade Science 1 course.


Students learn to perform experiments and record observations, and understand how scientists see the natural world. They germinate seeds to observe plant growth, and make a weather-vane. Students will explore topics such as:

  • Matter-states of matter; mixtures and solutions
  • Weather-cloud formation; the water cycle
  • Animal Classification and Adaptation-insects; amphibians and reptiles; birds; mammals
  • Habitats-forests, deserts, rain forests, grasslands, and more; naturalist John Muir and conservation
  • Oceans-waves and currents; coasts; coral reefs and kelp forests; oceanographer Jacques Cousteau
  • Plants-germination, functions of roots, stems, flowers, chlorophyll, and more
  • Human Body-major systems; Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor
  • Light-how light travels; reflections; inventor Thomas Edison

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1st Grade Science Learning Activity: Remember When…

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