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3rd Grade Science Learning Activity: Botanical Garden

Visit a botanical garden and explore three distinct environments. In each section you will learn how plants have adapted to survive and thrive.

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This interactive activity is embedded in our Third Grade Science 3 course.


Students learn to observe and analyze through hands-on experiments, and gain further insight into how scientists understand our world. They observe and chart the phases of the moon, determine the properties of insulators and conductors, and make a three-dimensional model of a bone. Students will explore topics such as:

  • Weather-air pressure; precipitation; clouds; humidity; fronts; forecasting
  • Vertebrates-features of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals
  • Ecosystems-climate zones; tundra, forests, desert, grasslands, freshwater, and marine ecosystems
  • Matter-phase changes; volume; mass; atoms; physical and chemical changes
  • Human Body-the musculoskeletal system; the skin
  • Energy-forms of energy; transfer of energy; conductors and insulators; renewable and nonrenewable energy resources
  • Light-light as energy; the spectrum; how the eye works
  • Astronomy-phases of the moon; eclipses; the solar system; stars and constellations; the Milky Way

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