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4th-5th Grade Math Learning Game: The Weather Report

Can you calculate the mean, median, mode, and range using the temperatures for the week? Follow along with this math activity to practice.

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This interactive activity is embedded in our Math course.


This research-based course focuses on computational fluency, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving. The engaging course features new graphics, learning tools, and games; adaptive activities that help struggling students master concepts and skills before moving on; and more support for Learning Coaches to guide their students to success. This course for students in Grade 5 investigates whole numbers through practical situations in rounding, exponents and powers, and elementary number theory. Students begin addition and subtraction of integers and apply all of their work with rational numbers to problem-solving experiences. The study of algebra includes work with variables, solving equations and inequalities, using formulas within geometry and measurement, and work within the coordinate system. The study of geometry encompasses properties of lines, angles, two- and three-dimensional figures, and formal constructions and transformations.

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4th-5th Grade Math Learning Game: The Weather Repo…

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