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Best History Games and Activities

This week we’ll be sharing our best games and activities by category and age. They come directly from the award-winning K12 curriculum, and represent how online education works and what it looks like.

Kindergarten: Learning the Seven Continents

This is a great interactive tool to teach your young students about the world.

Seven Continents

More kindergarten history games and activities

First Grade: The Rise of Ancient Empires

Learn about ancient Empires in this great interactive activity. Test your knowledge or challenge a friend.

Ancient Empires

More first-grade history games and activities

Second Grade: Tic-Tac-GO! to Feudal Japan

Play with a friend or test your own knowledge on the History of Feudal Japan.

More second-grade history games and activities

Third Grade: The American Revolution

Learn about our Forefathers and how our country came to be.

More third-grade history games and activities

Fourth and Fifth Grade: World War II

Learn about the events that led up to World War II. Answers questions about policies and timelines, then use an interactive map to learn which countries played a part during this time.

More fourth and fifth grade history activities

Middle School: Medieval Empires

This is a fantastic tool for learning about Medieval Empires. Use the map or timeline to learn how long empires reigned and examine the artifacts that went along with each.

More middle school history activities

High School: The Cold War

At the end of World War II, the world was split between the Capitalist United States and the Communist Soviet Union. Each side tried to expand its philosophy and allies. Learn about the events and outcomes in the activity below.

More high school history activities

You can find all these activities and more in our Games & Activities Center, updated regularly with new activities from the K12 curriculum.



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Peter Spain

Peter Spain is a contributing writer for Learning Liftoff and a manager at K12. A graduate from George Mason University, Peter has worked for several years in the education and entertainment industry. He strives to make learning fun for children by contributing to the games and activities section of the site, and keeping an eye out for advancements in edutainment.

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Best History Games and Activities

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