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Best Reading Games and Activities

This week we’ll be sharing our best games and activities by category and age. They come directly from the award-winning K12 curriculum, and represent how online education works and what it looks like.

Preschool: Journey to Letter Island S,D,T,E

Letter recognition is a critical skill when learning the alphabet. Travel to each island and learn about words that begin with each letter.

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Kindergarten: Kitchen Words

Practice word recognition using kitchen words. Review some items that are commonly found in the kitchen and match the word with the object. Try this activity in your own kitchen.

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First Grade: Soccer Nouns

Practice identifying nouns in this fun soccer activity. Practice choosing nouns out of the sentence and identifying proper nouns.

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Second Grade: Boat Adventure

2nd grade reading Boat Adventure

Expand your student’s vocabulary in this fun game. Choose an island and set out on an adventure, answer questions along the way to customize your ship.

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Third Grade: Greek and Roman Myths

Read stories about Greek and Roman gods. Use critical thinking skills to identify the key plot points and themes in each story.

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You can find all these activities and more in our Games & Activities Center, updated regularly with new activities from the K12 curriculum.

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Peter Spain

Peter Spain is a contributing writer for Learning Liftoff and a manager at K12. A graduate from George Mason University, Peter has worked for several years in the education and entertainment industry. He strives to make learning fun for children by contributing to the games and activities section of the site, and keeping an eye out for advancements in edutainment.

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Best Reading Games and Activities

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