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Best Science Games and Activities

This week we’ll be sharing our best games and activities by category and age. They come directly from the award-winning K12 curriculum, and represent how online education works and what it looks like.

Preschool: What’s the Weather

This is a perfect way to start your student’s day. Have your student check the weather and temperature then input all the data into this fun tool.

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Kindergarten: Salad Garden

Learn about various plants and the parts they are comprised of. Sort each of the plants into the correct boxes by its defining characteristics.

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First Grade: Evaporation Experiment

This is a great experiment to test online and then re-create at home. Put each ingredient in water and test two things: See if the ingredient dissolves in water, then let the mixture sit until the water dissolves, examine what is left in the container and how it has changed.

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Second Grade: Dr. Bones

Learn about the human skeletal system in this interactive activity for kids. Examine each bone and figure out where it belongs on the human body.

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Third Grade: Botanical Garden

Explore three different biospheres, and the unique landscapes in each. In each environment you’ll identify different aspects of the wildlife specific to that area.

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Fourth and Fifth Grade: Food Web

A great tool for teaching the circle of life. Click on each animal to figure out where it belongs on the food web. What does each animal consume?

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Middle School: Periodic Table

One of our most popular activities, this is a great tool for learning about the elements. Click each element and learn its symbol, atomic number, name, and average atomic mass.

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High School: Balancing Oxidation Numbers

Learn the process of how to balance oxidation numbers. Manipulate the molecules so each side of the equation is balanced.

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You can find all these activities and more in our Games & Activities Center, updated regularly with new activities from the K12 curriculum.

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Peter Spain

Peter Spain is a contributing writer for Learning Liftoff and a manager at K12. A graduate from George Mason University, Peter has worked for several years in the education and entertainment industry. He strives to make learning fun for children by contributing to the games and activities section of the site, and keeping an eye out for advancements in edutainment.

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Best Science Games and Activities

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