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Bullying Story: Defending Special Needs Kids

It takes a lot of bravery to stand up to a bully. What if they retaliate and start bullying you? What if they just bully others more? Despite the scary potential consequences, Bryn stood up to a bully for her friend.

Before Bryn switched to Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), she was being teased because she was friends with the special needs kids in her brick and mortar school in 5th grade. But she stuck up for them and told the bullies that they are people, too, who don’t deserve to be treated badly.

They thought I was weird because I hung out with the special needs kids, and I had told her, What’s this all about? They are still human beings like you and me, they just have special things about them that make them the best and brightest when they achieve something and then smile. You can call me weird, crazy, stupid, whatever. But you and I know that they are amazing and special in their own way. And even if you can’t see that, I can. I’m going to help them be the best they can be and encourage them like they were family.’

Bryn’s special needs friend Shatavia was also being bullied by this same person. And Bryn didn’t stand for that either. When the bullying didn’t stop, she confronted the bully once again.

I went up to her and told her she was being a bully. I told her what she was doing wasn’t right and that the next time she said something mean to someone else and I heard about it, I would tell the teacher. I expected to have to tell the teacher within 5 minutes but I didn’t. She had learned her lesson and I had learned mine. My lesson: Stand up for what you believe in. My Difference: I gained lots of friends, I felt stronger emotionally, and I knew I had done the right thing.

To read more about bullying, read this story about how a student switched to K12 to escape bullying and check out this infographic about two possible paths for a bullied student.

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Lauren Martin

Lauren Martin is a Writer for Learning Liftoff. Previously, she has written for nonprofits as well as marketing agencies. She's covered environmental issues, women's rights, world poverty, and animal rights. With a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Ithaca College, Lauren enjoys interviewing families about their experiences with online education.

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Bullying Story: Defending Special Needs Kids

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