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K12 Announces Winners of the 13th Annual Art Contest

Every October, online curriculum provider, K12 Inc., hosts an annual art contest so students from all over can showcase their skills—in whatever medium they prefer! This year’s contest, Subject Matters, resulted in more than 1,500 impressive submissions from kids illustrating their favorite school subjects and showing how “subject matters.”

We invite you to view the online collection of submitted artwork to see the fantastic art we received this year.

If you submitted a piece of artwork for your student, you should have received a participant certificate. If you missed it, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your artist’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their artistic talent.

The winners have also been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:



Best in ShowRosaeli M., OHVA, Golden Creations
Kindergarten – First PlaceAerobella V., NVVA, Super Sensational Science!
Kindergarten – Second PlaceDominic A., CPA, The Pride of Reading
Kindergarten – Third PlaceRodney D., GCA, Science-Art-Math-Rodney Poster!!
First Grade – First PlaceSapphira-Lin D., Agora Cyber Charter School, History can teach you about the past…so open your eyes!!!
First Grade – Second PlaceLandon S., Sacred Heart Grade School, Potions Explosion!
First Grade – Third PlaceZaydie E., CAVA, My Heart
Second Grade – First PlaceEnzign B., AZVA, American History
Second Grade – Second PlaceAva D., AZVA, Thinking Cap
Second Grade – Third PlaceBayan M., Osceola Virtual School, Thoughtful Reading
Third Grade – First PlaceBriana D., UTVA, My Adventure Stories
Third Grade – Second PlaceAyra Z., CAVA, English Language Arts
Third Grade – Third PlaceHafsa F., CAVA, Charlotte’s Web
Fourth Grade – First PlaceLonie W., CAVA, Geography Paint Pour
Fourth Grade – Second PlaceHanna N., OVCA, The Love of Science
Fourth Grade – Third PlaceSarah K., CAVA, Sarah’s Art Room
Fifth Grade – First PlaceKelsey B., VAVA, Inside of My Mind
Fifth Grade – Second PlaceAndrew E., CAVAMy Struggle Before K12
Fifth Grade – Third PlaceKayLee M., OHVA, Music is Life
Sixth Grade – First PlaceMariana M., GCA, Northern Lights
Sixth Grade – Second PlaceAutumn K., OVCA, My Brain
Sixth Grade – Third PlacePeyton S., CASCA Rocket into the Eye
Seventh Grade – First PlaceSienna K., AZVA, Floating Science
Seventh Grade – Second PlaceAbigail S., IDVA, The Beauty of Reading
Seventh Grade – Third PlaceFatima S., CAVA, Science Sparks
Eighth Grade – First PlaceJaylene G., CPA, Through the Annual Lens
Eighth Grade – Second PlaceSofia S., IDVA, The Many Faces of Science
Eighth Grade – Third PlaceChanlee W., TOPS, World of English
Ninth Grade – First PlaceGrace H., OHVA, A Father of Algebra
Ninth Grade – Second PlaceBoldan B., OHVA, Expressions of Beauty
Ninth Grade – Third PlaceEmma P., GCA, Imagination
Tenth Grade – First PlaceRiver E., CAVA, My Grandfather
Tenth Grade – Second PlaceSydney P., MNVAEarth Science
Tenth Grade – Third PlaceJaqleen P., TOPS, The Elements of English
Eleventh Grade – First PlaceKimberly E., CAVA, Nature vs. Nurture
Eleventh Grade – Second PlaceVrindavan S., AZVAA Written Dream
Eleventh Grade – Third PlaceCaleb C., OHVAA Self Portrait
Twelfth Grade – First PlaceJasmine S., MVCA, Leaders in their Respected Fields
Twelfth Grade – Second PlaceCameron R., OHVA, Divine Voyage
Twelfth Grade – Third PlaceNora T., OHVA, Where Darkness Be Told

We thank all our winners and participants for sharing how they celebrate culture with us this year. Watch for future contests from K12!

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Brittany Marklin

Brittany Marklin is a contributing writer for Learning Liftoff and a community manager for K12. She coordinates all K12 student contests and connects with families who pursue online education. She attended George Mason University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing, with a minor in tourism and events management. Brittany spent her first five years at K12 on the social media team where she aided with content and strategy for multiple channels, and helped construct K12’s user-generated content site, “What’s Your Story?” When she’s not working, Brittany loves spending time with her husband and daughter in North Carolina.

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